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all about Golden bomber

Golden Bomber (ゴールデンボンバー) (shortened as Kinbaku (金爆), Bomber (ボンバー), GB) isJapanese visual kei air band formed in 2004 and signed to indies Euclid Agency. Golden Bomber are the first "air" visual kei band. Despite not playing live, they have gained great popularity in Japanese V-Kei scene through their music and extraordinary live shows.
As for now Golden Bomber have released 10 singles and 8 albums, some of which have gained the top places in national Oricon chart.[1][2]




The band was formed in 2004 by Vo-karu Kiryūin Shō and Gita- Kyan Yutaka. The band conception is "Hyper Giga Hybrid Super Subculture Visual Rock". Chimatsuri Teppei joined as the first drummer/keybordist, when later he left, Tenkujō Dankichi took the position of drummer. Utahiroba Jun joined as bassist on 22 April 2007. On 5 April 2009 Dankichi left the band, and on 10 April 2009 Darvish Kenji joined as a drummer.
The members, except Kiryūin Shō, don't play instruments, music recordings are done by professional musicians, as the members say themselves. Kiryūin Shō creates the music, the arrangements are mainly managed by "everset" tatsuo. During the lives Golden Bomber don't play their instruments, instead they dance and perform, show videos and act out dramas. Kiryūin Shō is the only one who alsways sings live. All musical activities of the band, including songs, music videos, promotional videos and performances, contain lots of parody on famous bands, artists, manga, self-parody and jokes. Nevertheless, each performance is thought over seriously and prepared thoroughly.
Their first single "Dakishimete Shwarz" was released on 1 May 2008, followed by 4 more consecutive singles.[3] The first albums "The Golden J-POPS" and "Renai Shuukyouron" were put on sale on 24 December 2007, the first live DVD was released the same day. In 2009 Golden Bomber had 12 consecutive oneman lives on the 1st day of each month and performed a country-wide 4646 tour. Their most famous song "Memeshikute" was released as single on 21 October 2009.
During 2010 they also continued with oneman lives (Oneman Kowai, Zenryoku Baka tours), and had a consecutive 12 month song releases on dwango.jp.[3] All the songs released on dwango were #1 in dwango daily rankings. In 2010 the band was due to perform at Shanghai Expo 2010, but because of some problems their performance in China was cancelled.[4]
The popularity of the band in general has hugely grown during 2010. To the end of 2010 Golden Bomber got major debut offers from 7 companies, but rejected them all, willing to stay "good-for-nothing" indies band and taking into consideration the feelings of their fans.[5][6]"Mata Kimi ni Bangou wo Kikenakatta" single reached #4 on Oricon weekly charts [1] and was ranked #3 in Oricon 2010 year top selling indies singles chart.[7] "Shimohanki Best" album was ranked #3 in Oricon weekly charts.[2]
In 2011 Golden Bomber continued with "Life is All Right" spring national tour (the initial name of the tour, "Isshou Baka (Lifetime Idiot)" was changed due to the erthquake and tsunami in Japan).[8] In July 2011 Golden Bomber performed at Japan Expo in Paris, France,[9] and in August had two lives in Seoul, South Korea. "Yareba Dekiru Ko" national tour is scheduled for autumn 2011.[10]
Golden Bomber also host a program on Nico Nico Douga. Besides, the members have collaborated with different artists not only from music, but also from fashion industry.[11]
As for now Golden Bomber have released 10 singles (Memeshikute/Nemutakute will be the 11th), 8 albums, 23 DVDs.


The part names "Vo-karu" etc are not spelling mistakes, they're officially written this way.
  • Vo-karu (vocals): Kiryūin Shō
    • Born on June 20th 1984, blood type B, from Tokyo.
    • Tokyo Mukogaoka High School alumni.
    • Impersonates "Atonu Boy", "Yamada-san", "Gockt".
    • Creates all music and lyrics for Golden Bomber songs by himself. Besides, he can play various musical instruments, including violin.
    • Pet names - "Kirishō", "Sukippa", "Shō-san" and other.
    • Severely hunchback and has wide gaps between the teeth, loves wearing Tamiya T-shirts.
    • The only one who always does his part (vocals) during the lives for real.
    • Created lots of parody songs for song of famous singers and bands, imitating their melody, lyrics, singing style. For example, "ultra phantom" is Koshi Inaba, "Tsunami no Johnny" - Keisuke Kuwata imitation.
    • Host for All Night Nippon radio program starting from 5 January 2011.[12]
    • Big Gackt fan.
  • Gita- (guitar): Kyan Yutaka
    • Born on March 15th 1985, blood type B, from Tokyo.
    • Impersonates "Gachupin", "Miwa-san", "Christine Yutako"
    • Dubs Gachupin and Mukku.
    • Pet names - "Kyan-sama", "Yutaka".
    • During the lives dances and does the chorus. However sometimes he plays live guitar solos. Members say his level of play is as in the high school band.
    • Eating watermelon and cutting cabbage on guitar - famous live performances.
    • He has skillfull hands and creates all the stage proprieties for the shows on his own. He made cardboard saxophone, piano, ship. In the high school he always got highest grades at fine arts.
    • Studied economics at the university. In the middle and high school was in baseball club.
  • Be-su (bass): Utahiroba Jun
    • Born on 30th August 1985, blood type O, from Chiba.
    • Pet names - "Jun-kun", "Upa", "JunJun", "Ga-ri-" and other.
    • Nihon Daigaku Fine Arts Faculty Literature Arts Department alumni.
    • Famous for high-quality violent and beautiful headbanging.
    • Hair color - black and gold two-tone.
    • Sometimes he appears on stage as "Bangyaru representative, Junko@Reita's bride" (the GazettE's Reita bangyaru)
    • Likes visual kei very much. He's a fan of Ryohei (Megamasso) from his Ayabie times, and wrote graduation thesis on his subject.
  • Doramu (drums): Darvish Kenji
    • Born on 28th November 1980, blood type A, from Fukuoka. The oldest in band.
    • Impersonates "Mukku", "Daru-taichou", "Narcisse Kenji-sama" and others.
    • Joined on 10 April 2009. Pet names - "Kenji", "Kenjicchi" and others.
    • Does white-mask make-up (sometimes does panda make-up).
    • During the lives operates the iPod to play songs (PA-san). There were incidents of accidentally stopping the songs.
    • During the lives always plays "air drums" and dances behind the drum set. His drumsticks are made from styrole.
    • Originally a guitarist, more skillfull at playing guitar than Kyan Yutaka. Also did vocals in his previous band. And now does vocals in "Reverset" band.

[edit]Past members

  • Doramu: Tenkujō Dankichi
    • Born on 13 August 1984.
    • Left on 5 April 2009 at Takadanobaba CLUB PHASE oneman live.
    • Pet names - "Ten-san", "Ten-sama", "Dankichi-kun", "Dankichi".
    • His white-mask make-up (not kabuki-style) and tennis clothing can certainly be called visual kei, but you won't usually see this kind of things in music industry.
  • Drums: Chimatsuri Teppei
    • First drummer, also played keyboards on stage
    • Now he's publishing a subculture magazine "Young Japan" (irregularly).
  • Doramu and staff: Toriaezu Riku
    • When there was no drummer, he stood in as doramu and keyboard, when Tenkujo Dankichi came back, he returned to being staff and scene worker.
    • At the present time he's working as a barmen, as stated in Kiryuin Sho's blog.

[edit]Music relationships

Different musicians took part in Golden Bomber recordings, Golden Bomber also appeared together with a number of bands. (Deluhi Leda,Janne Da Arc shuji, Ikuo, HIROKI, La'cryma Christi SHUSE etc)[13]



No.TitleTitle (Japanese)Date of releaseNotes
01Dakishimete Schwarz / Doutei ga!抱きしめてシュヴァルツ / 童貞が!1st May 2008
02Saite Saite Kirisaite / Masashi咲いて咲いて切り裂いて / まさし1st June 2008
03Gomen ne, Aishiteru / Kame Powerごめんね、愛してる/ 亀パワー1st July 2008
04Torauma Kyabajou / Motokare Korosuトラウマキャバ嬢 / 元カレ殺ス1st August 2008
05Hotel Love / Itsumo to Onaji Yoruホテルラブ / いつもと同じ夜1st September2008
06Blow Wind / Time Machine ga Hoshii yoBlow Wind / タイムマシンが欲しいよ17th June 2009Joint single with SMILY☆SPIKY.
"Time Machine ga Hoshii yo" is 5pb.'s game Skip Beat! ending theme[14]
07Memeshikute女々しくて21st October20093 types. Oricon Weekly chart #77, Oricon Indies chart #4
08Mou Bandoman ni Koi Nante Shinaiもうバンドマンに恋なんてしない25th November20092 types. Oricon Weekly Chart #103
09Mata Kimi ni Bangou wo Kikenakattaまた君に番号を聞けなかった6th October 20103 types. Oricon Weekly Chart #4, Oricon Indies Chart #1
10Boku Quest僕クエスト1st June 20114 types. Oricon Weekly Chart #5, Oricon Indies Chart #1.
"Boku Quest" is Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal anime ending theme.[15][16]
11Memeshikute/Nemutakute女々しくて/眠たくて24th August 20113 types
Oricon Weekly Chart #4, Oricon Indies Chart #1


No.TitleTitle (Japanese)Date of releaseNotes
01The Golden J-POPSThe Golden J-POPS24th December2007Was distributed at live venues. Out of production.[17]
02Ren'ai Shuukyouron恋愛宗教論24th December2007Was distributed at live venues. Out of production.[17]
03Imitation Gold ~Kinbaku no Meikyoku Niban Shibori~イミテイション・ゴールド〜金爆の名曲二番搾り〜1st January2009The parodies of hit songs by famous artists:
04Sorinokoshita Natsu剃り残した夏29th July 2009Soundtrack CD for "Sorinokoshita Natsu" film

[edit]Best Albums

No.TitleTitle (Japanese)Date of releaseNotes
01Golden Best ~Pressure~ゴールデンベスト〜Pressure〜6th January2010Oricon Chart #150
02Golden Best ~Brassiere~ゴールデンベスト〜Brassiere〜6th January2010Oricon Chart #193
03Golden Hour ~ Kamihanki Best 2010~ゴールデン・アワー〜上半期ベスト2010〜21st July 2010Oricon Daily Chart #6, Oricon Weekly Chart #14, Oricon Indies Chart #1
04Golden Hour ~ Shimonanki Best 2010~ゴールデン・アワー〜下半期ベスト2010〜6th January2011Oricon Daily Chart #1, Oricon Weekly Chart #3


01. Memeshikute (女々しくて)
02. Mou Bandoman ni Koi Nante Shinai (もうバンドマンに恋なんてしない)
03. Mata Kimi ni Bangou wo Kikenakatta (また君に番号を聞けなかった). 3 versions
04. Boku Quest (僕クエスト). 3 versions
05. Memeshikute (女々しくて) from Memeshikute/Nemutakute single. 2 versions


No.TitleTitle (Japanese)Date of release
01Gyaru Punch DE Batan Q (Out of production [17])ギャルパンチDEバタンQ24th December2007
02"Kinbaku Nengoro Tour Final Hatsu Oneman
"Ai wa Chikyuu wo Sukuu" ~Miwa-san 100 km Marathon~
"金爆ねんごろツアー ファイナル 初ワンマン
1st February 2009
03Sorinokoshita Natsu (Golden Bomber performance, script, direction.)剃り残した夏29th July 2009
04 - 09Golden Bomber 2009 Year Oneman Live DVD (January - June)ゴールデンボンバー 2009年ワンマンライブDVD (1月-6月)24th December2009
10 - 15Golden Bomber 2009 Year Oneman Live DVD (July - December)ゴールデンボンバー 2009年ワンマンライブDVD (7月-12月)1st January 2010
16Dai-ichi Yoru Request On The Best ~Pressure night~第一夜 リクエスト・オン・ザ・ベスト~Pressure night~10th March 2010
17Dai-ni Yoru Request On The Best ~Brassiere night~第二夜 リクエスト・オン・ザ・ベスト~Brassiere night~10th March 2010
18“STYLISH WEAPON’10 ~Haru no SoyoKaze~ Omake no Ran“STYLISH WEAPON’10〜春のそよ風〜おまけの乱”27th April 2010
19Golden Bomber Hatsu Kyoufu no Zenkoku Oneman Tour
-Oneman Kowai- Tsuika Kouen(2010/6/25@Shibuya O-WEST)」
「ゴールデンボンバー 初 恐怖の全国ワンマンツアー
30th July 2010
20Golden Bomber Pantsu Daisakusen Tour Final
(2010/9/24 @Ebisu LIQUIDROOM)
ゴールデンボンバー パンツ大作戦ツアーファイナル
24th November2010
21Zenryoku Baka(2010/12/27@SHIBUYA-AX)「全力バカ」(2010/12/27@SHIBUYA-AX)25th February2011
22SoCcer 24SoCcer 2415th March 2011
23”Life is all right” Tsuika Kouen (2011/5/17@TOKYO DOME CITY HALL)”Life is all right”追加公演(2011/5/17@TOKYO DOME CITY HALL)27th July 2011

[edit]Limited Distribution

No.TitleTitle (Japanese)Date of release
01JUSTICE Kyoto ni Tsugu Shoku no Utage album
("Announcement for JUSTICE Believers... Food Feast")
1.DANDAN Kokoro Hikareteku (FIELD OF VIEW cover)
2.Ai no Mama ni Wagamama ni Boku wa Kimi dake wo Kizutsukenai (B'z cover)
3.Beethoven da ne Rock'n'Roll ("21 Emon" Ending cover)
4.Donna Toki Mo (Noriyuki Makihara cover)
1.収録曲:DAN DAN 心魅かれてく(FIELD OF VIEWのカバー)
31st October 2007
02Datsu Indies Cover Shuu ("Indies Cover Compilation") single
1. Meteo no Hi (Idenshi Kumikae Kodomokai cover)
7th June 2008
03Miwa-san 100 km Marathon Documentary美輪さん100kmマラソンドキュメント21st July 2008
04Miwa-san Osaka⇒Tokyo Hitch-hiking美輪さん大阪⇒東京横断ヒッチハイク22nd November2008
05"Legendary Creatures Really Existed!!
Chase after the Kappa who appeared in megapolis Tokyo!!!!"
伝説の妖怪は実在した!!大都会東京に現れた河童を追え!!!!4th January 2009
06"In midwinter it's cold for Atonu"真冬にアトヌは寒い1st February 2009
07Golden Busters, last time promt! Environmental pollution resulted in mutation?
At last we've seen mysterious creature, Kentaurus!
"Kentaurus makes heart beat faster" Documentary DVD
1st March 2009
08"Show your rock soul! All 21 songs! Gold-gold extatic live!"
Special DVD "Extremey rare Heartwarming DVD"
~Rock魂見せてやれ! 全21曲!金金がギンギンライブ!~
5th April 2009
09Kokucchao!告っchao!3rd May 2009
10Tomorrow never worldTomorrow never world3rd May 2009
11Gi-ga-!ギーガー!3rd May 2009
12"Total coverage documentary! Forever continuing big depression!
Surviving in city full make-up singer ~Homeless visual kei~ Yamada-san"
フルメイクシンガー 〜ホームレスビジュアル系〜
3rd May 2009
13It's not 20th, it's the 7th! Vo. Kiryuin Sho Birthday Oneman Live!
Special DVD - "Kiryuuin Sho's splendid development"
特典DVD 鬼龍院翔の華麗なる生い立ち
7th June 2009
14"Dripping sweat, losing weight, become thin" oneman live.
Special DVD - "Before becoming Miwa-san"
特典DVD 美輪さんができるまで
5th July 2009
15Haru ga Kuru Mae ni (Yamada-san version)春が来る前に(夜魔堕さんVer.)29th July 2009
16"Middle of summer! Hidden in "I hate suntan" phase Kinbaku summer festival!"
Special DVD - "Gita- Solo Kyan Yutaka! ~July tour eating local products revolt~"
特典DVD ギターソロ喜矢武豊! 〜7月ツアー名産品食べまくりの乱〜
2nd August 2009
17"Congratulations on 34 years! Yawara-chan Birthday" Oneman Live!
Kin at highest, Baku at lowest.
Special DVD - "Yawara-chan Birthday Special ~Legend of YAWARA"
特典DVD 〜ヤワラチャン誕生日スペシャル〜 Legend of YAWARA
6th September2009
18"Evangelist of love, showing the ass! Miwa-san's men's ass fesival"ケツ出せ愛の伝道師!美輪さん男尻祭り!4th October 2009
19Gachupin Challenge Series! First part!ガチュピン チャレンジシリーズ!第一弾!1st November2009
20"Unexpectedly landing in the middle" trip
- GLORY Homecoming to Hokkaido Compilation-"
ぶらり途中着陸の旅-GLORY 北海道帰郷編-6th December2009
21Mou Bandoman Ni Koi Nante Shinai (Kyan Yutaka version)もうバンドマンに恋なんてしない(喜矢武 豊Ver.)15th December2009
22Kokucchao! (Kyan Yutaka version)告っchao!(喜矢武 豊Ver.)16th December2009

[edit]Omnibus works

  1. Tribute to Murakami (2007) Omnibus Release
    • Featured song: Ikiteita Murakami
  2. Zany Zap Complex (22nd July 2009) Omnibus Release
    • Featured songs: Sick Lady Tabun.../TSUNAMI no Johnny/Motokare Korosu
  3. NEO VOLTAGE(26th May 2010) Omnibus Release
    • Featured song:†Za・VKei-ppoi Kyoku†

[edit]Song with no CD source

  1. Suppin (スッピン, "Without make-up")
    • Is featured on "Gyaru Punch DE Batan Q" DVD which is now out of production.


[edit]Drama CD

  • Genpei Gakuen Kassen Roku (2010). Kiryūin Shō - Imai Kanehira role, Kyan Yutaka - Taira no Munemori role, Utahiroba Jun - Kisou role, Darvish Kenji - Kisou role

[edit]External links


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